Guidelines for students Before the Test Starts

To join online test, enter Test ID & Password along with your details and click on 'Start Test Now' button. Alternatively, you can join online test by clicking on shared link and by entering your details.

Before the start of test, a computer generated Secret Key will be assigned for future reference purpose and to view your Progress Report. Students are required to note down Secret Key carefully.

Your test will be conducted under the surveillance of web camera and will capture images randomly for the authenticity of online test. Before the start of test, browser will seek your permission to allow camera access. Students are required to give consent for camera access by clicking on 'Allow' button. Not allowing camera access will cause no authenticity of online test


Backed by Python
More secure, more reliable, more faster, more dynamic and more powerful platform
All Languages Support
Set question paper conveniently in any language including vernacular
Test Under Camera surveillance
Conduct more authenticated test under camera surveillance
Download Students' Progress Reports
Download students' progress reports and consolidated reports for teacher record in pdf and excel formats
Web Analytics
We continuously analyze visitors, registered users and tests conducted at every moment to optimize the functioning of online test.